Thursday, September 27, 2012

Our New Baby

We have a new baby in our house now. He was born July 3, 2012. Rachel was celebrating her 10th birthday and Philip and I finally decided to give in for her desire for a puppy. Rachel and I had seen a cute very black schnauzer at PetSmart the other week and so I thought I would just see how much the going rate for one was on line. I looked and thought no we really did not need one. I even looked at some schnauzer rescue sights and told Philip I had looked but again I thought no it will not happen. Then one day Philip called and said "I found one at a good price" and I said "What?" not knowing he was looking on line and then he told me a dog. We had decided not to tell Rachel and just go look at them and surprise her if we came home with one. As all things worked out she ended up going with us and we came home with Max. He came to live with us on September 22.

Rachel looking at Max and his brother and sister. Still not knowing we were buying one.  We had to ask her if she wanted one. Of course she said "Yes"
The white one is the female and the other two are the males. They were all cute but Philip and Rachel picked Max.
Max trying out his new bed. We know he will grow into it real fast.

Max and Daddy bonding already. He likes to follow Philip the most so far.
Our neighbors have four older dogs that are bigger then Max and he already likes to play with them and have fun.

Max sleeping funny in his new bed. He is very close to housebroken already. He is starting to try to chew things but not bad. He is a cutie. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

August Update

Grandma, Grandpa and Rachel at her breakfast out before school starts. We started this tradition the first year Rachel went to school and have kept this up. It celebrates the beginning of school. She likes it because she can invite who she wants and she decides where we go. This year it was Golden Coral since they have a chocolate fountain.
My grown up girl on her first day of fifth grade.

Our first home football game. We are still undefeated at this point. Go SJCA!
Another first day of school picture.