Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer is on the way.

Summer is on the way... we have only 6 more days of school and this K-5 teacher is glad. Wow, We will keep you posted with pictures. what a year it has been. I told some of the teachers I feel like I have been in survival mode all year. I know how to teach but just getting use to a new house and area and then getting back into teaching after being home for eight years and also trying to keep up with a young'un and my homework too.  Well you ladies can imagine. I feel like I have aged many years. I am looking forward to some summer fun. I am hoping I am healthier then last summer and Rachel and I have plans already for what we are going to do. The first few days...Veg around the house. Some free movies,visit in Maryland and go to Washington, DC and have fun!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Photos 365 week 19

Rachel and Philip went to a RiverDogs game the other night and Rachel loves these kinds of  pictures.

We went to IHOP for breakfast for Michael and Philip's birthday.

Today (Mother's Day), Rachel and Philip got up and made me breakfast in bed. This is what they made.

We went to downtown Charleston for lunch.

Michael wanted to take Mom to Hyman's Seafood for lunch. Here we are at our table. The food was great, very big portions and we had a great time together.

Rachel waiting for her food.

365 photos Week 18 May 1-8

My class went to Beidler Forest where we walked on a boardwalk through the forest . We saw many animals. A big red headed woodpecker, an owl, and I saw a snake. I moved real quick then.  Here we are following our guide.

This is called a cypress knee.  It is part of the tree's root system that comes up through the ground. I love how this looks like someone made this hide out, but this is the way it grew.

I love this picture of the tree. This tree is a 1000 year old. I did not know that Cypress trees are hollow.

We saw this little yellow bird and it's mate flying in and out of this Cypress knee making a nest.

Our guide brought out two snakes for the kids to touch. I did not stay close at all. Some of the parents touched the snake and got much closer than I did.