Thursday, May 13, 2010

365 photos Week 18 May 1-8

My class went to Beidler Forest where we walked on a boardwalk through the forest . We saw many animals. A big red headed woodpecker, an owl, and I saw a snake. I moved real quick then.  Here we are following our guide.

This is called a cypress knee.  It is part of the tree's root system that comes up through the ground. I love how this looks like someone made this hide out, but this is the way it grew.

I love this picture of the tree. This tree is a 1000 year old. I did not know that Cypress trees are hollow.

We saw this little yellow bird and it's mate flying in and out of this Cypress knee making a nest.

Our guide brought out two snakes for the kids to touch. I did not stay close at all. Some of the parents touched the snake and got much closer than I did.

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