Friday, November 26, 2010

How Big Is Your God?

The other week in our staff devotion time at school one of the teachers shared this and I asked if I could share it with you.

     Jennifer was an inquisitive nine year old, who had been looking forward all day to her father's arrival at home from work. He usually sprang through the door, saying "Where's my girl?" She was accustomed to greeting him by taking a running leap into his waiting arms.
     She didn't know why but today was different. Instead of bursting through the door with open arms, he slipped quietly into the house and made his way to the family room, where he slumped in an overstuffed chair.
     Jennifer stood at the door for some time, looking into the darkened room. She had no idea why he was acting so differently, but she discerned that something was troubling him. After several minutes, she made her move, stole into the room unnoticed, and found her place, standing like a silent sentinel beside her father's chair. After waiting for a respectable period, she laid her small hand on his.
     He broke the silence, "Hi, Princess."
     Instead of responding verbally, Jennifer simply crawled up into his lap and gave him a big hug.
     "Daddy," she said"is it true that God brought Jesus back to life after He had been dead for three days?"
     " Yes, dear," he said. "That's right."
     It takes a big God to do something like that, doesn't it?" she said.
     "Yes, it does," he said.
     Jennifer looked her dad straight in the eye when she asked him, "How big is your God, Daddy?"
     In a moment, that Dad snapped out of his depression. He realized that the God who had raised Jesus was certainly big enough to help his family through their time of crisis.

Monday, November 22, 2010

ABC Thanksgiving

Last year about this time I heard someone say that a great way to prepare for thanksgiving was to go thru the alphabet and think of a blessing for each letter so this year I started early and almost have one for each letter.
I am having a little trouble on the last few,but wanted to post this before Thursday.

A- Assurance of everlasting life thru Jesus Christ our Lord.
B- Bible The blessing of being able to pick up God's word anytime(even at work) and read His promises.
C- Mrs. Crosby:  the teacher I work with each day, She is not only a friend but a mentor with my teaching and         some to ask advice about being a Godly wife and mother.
D- Dwight and his family: My younger brother, Even though we don't get to see each other very often I know if I need him he would be there.
F- Faithfulness of God: God has been faithful through many events this year and over the years and shown us He is in control.
G- God's love for us: He sent his only son to die for us.
H- Health For the most part we are all healthy. Some aches and pains here and there put over all good.
I- In-Laws: I am thankful for a wonderful mother and father in law. They love to do things  as a family and are a wonderful example to our family of God's love and making a marriage work.
J- Job: I am thankful I have a job. Many do not have a job and I get to work in a Christian school and this year learn so many things by working in a class with a seasoned teacher.
K-Keys for Kids: This is a ministry of Children's Bible Hour that we listen to each evening with Rachel as our family devotion time. This gives a chance to talk to her about things we may not always think about.Check it out on
L- learning being able to learn each day more about Christ and teaching.
M- Memories  not only from my childhood but we have made in 18 years of marriage. A mom who is still living and trust God. She raised us to love the Lord and to teach our children well.
N- Nieces and Nephews Timothy,Taylor, Brandon, Brayden and Ashlyn , Each is so different and special.
P- Philip A loving husband and friend, God has truly given me the man best suited for me. He loves  God and me no matter what and stands beside me through every part of life. What more could  a girl want.
Q- Quiet times  Sometimes this is early in the morning, on the computer, reading God's word or just relaxing with coffee.
R- Rachel God has blessed us with her. She has a true desire to follow God and has asked Jesus into her heart. We have some rough times but that is part of growing up.
S- Salvation The gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. We don't have to earn it. The assurance that fellow believers are with him and we will see them someday.
T - Tim and Tania and their faithfulness to take care of Mom and their family.
U- Unfailing love of God- God is there all the time He NEVER leaves us!
W- Wise teachers and Staff at Ridge Christian Academy ( Rachel's and my school)
X- Exceeding great and precious promises are given unto us. 2 Peter 1:14   (I know it starts with e not x)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

We Went To The Fair

This past week we went to the fair here in Charleston. We all had a great time and spent most of our time in the animal barns. Above is a picture of Bobwhite chicks. They were so small. We saw  the Mommas, the tiny eggs and then about 100 of these little guys and girls.They really looked small since we were use to seeing Lizzie and Mike's chicks.
We took this next picture to show Lizzie this colorful rooster. As I was ready to take this he turned his head and acted like he was posing for me. Look at the feathers on his feet.We just thought this was so odd and that his colors were so different then what we were use to seeing.
Rachel loves animals of almost every kind and so when she was able to she pet as many as possible. She loves this little bunny . Several of the bunnies had  newborns in with them and she loved seeing those. Sorry I couldn't get any good pictures of those.
We saw many cows and this "cow" was set up so children could "milk" her. This was a fake cow so the children would be safe. Rachel still had a good time. We tried to get Grandma Hoyt to show us how it was done but found out she did not milk the cows by hand they used machines.(That puts a new twist on the stories about getting up early to milk the cows.)
This horses's name was Honey and he is sixteen years old. He is used as a rehab horse for people with disabilities. He was so gentle and stood very, very still. I love his little hat.
Rachel loves to ride on the merry go round and had a wonderful time. She went once by herself and once with our friend Miss Bambi.
Michael said the only reason he goes to the fair is to eat fair food. Here he is enjoying a turkey leg It must have been really good with that face he is making.
Rachel went on this slide. Most of the time she has been on these it has been hard for her to get to the bottom because she doesn't slide very well. This time her eyes got as big as saucers as she came down. She slid clear off the end of the slide and would not go back down again.
For those of you not from South Carolina this is an Elephant Ear. I am sure I looked like I just fell off the turnip truck when I went up and asked what is the difference between an elephant ear and a funnel cake.  I was told that a funnel cake is make with waffle batter and an elephant ear is made with a sweeter batter. I also saw that chocolate, apple pie filling, cherry filling or many other toppings are put on elephant ears. We bought one of each and as a family had a taste test. It was about 3 to 2 for funnel cakes. Mom Hoyt liked them both.
Here Grandpa and Rachel are getting on the last ride for the evening. It was like a hang glider and just went in circles. Rachel kept her eyes closed most of the time. This is the same girl that has gone on the Ferris wheel with Aunt Lizzie and Uncle Mike. She never stops surprising me.

Friday, November 5, 2010


We have wonderful neighbors who love to spend time with Rachel . Here Bonnie is helping Rachel paint a face on a pumpkin at a neighborhood party. We all had a great time.
Rachel dressed in her costume for Halloween and went to Grandpa's Wal-Mart. There was a cake walk, coloring contest and The best costume contest. Rachel beat two other girls for the best. She won a big chocolate chip cookie cake. (Just what we all need) She had fun.
Bonnie and Tim told Rachel they would help her carve a pumpkin for trick or treat night. I had never used pumpkin master kit. A great investment for four dollars. I am looking to buy one for next year!!! We all had fun! As you can see the dogs got in on the fun also.
When we were done I introduced Tim to eating roasted pumpkin seeds. I think he liked them.
Our finished pumpkin. We really liked doing this! Doesn't he look so happy?!
This is a picture of me on crazy hat,sock and tie day at school. I know I don't have socks on. You can't see my pig hat very well but we all had a good time that week at school. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Have Been Tagged

Kathy tagged me and I will answer these but have no clue who to send these to. I hope you enjoy reading my answers.

1. What is your favorite holiday and why? Christmas!!! I love Christmas. I love to give gifts to people. I enjoy seeing the look on someones face when they open a gift from me. Many of the traditions my family had each year at home and the ones I am working on making with my family now.  We always made tons of cookies, so we had plenty to take to school and other places we went. We always went with my Granddaddy to cut down a Christmas tree on the Saturday before Christmas so we could leave it up through Jan. 6th  (my older brother's birthday). I could go on and on.....

2. Where did you go on your last vacation?  Philip and I went on a cruise to Rouatan, Grand Cayman.
I went to visit family this summer.

3. What do you enjoy doing on your free time? I enjoy scrap booking, reading, and just relaxing.

4. What is your favorite Bible verse? Jeremiah 29:11 " For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord. "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

5. Have you ever been to Las Vegas if so what did you think? Yes, I have been to see Kathy, I always have a good time. Just wish the time change would not be so rough. I love looking at the hotels but hate to see the people just throwing their money away hoping to hit the jackpot.

6. What is your favorite easiest recipe that people really enjoy when you make? Lately it is stuffed shells

7. What do you like most of your occupation? Working with a wonderful teacher. Having fun as we work. Working in a Christian school where I get to teach God's Word.