Sunday, November 7, 2010

We Went To The Fair

This past week we went to the fair here in Charleston. We all had a great time and spent most of our time in the animal barns. Above is a picture of Bobwhite chicks. They were so small. We saw  the Mommas, the tiny eggs and then about 100 of these little guys and girls.They really looked small since we were use to seeing Lizzie and Mike's chicks.
We took this next picture to show Lizzie this colorful rooster. As I was ready to take this he turned his head and acted like he was posing for me. Look at the feathers on his feet.We just thought this was so odd and that his colors were so different then what we were use to seeing.
Rachel loves animals of almost every kind and so when she was able to she pet as many as possible. She loves this little bunny . Several of the bunnies had  newborns in with them and she loved seeing those. Sorry I couldn't get any good pictures of those.
We saw many cows and this "cow" was set up so children could "milk" her. This was a fake cow so the children would be safe. Rachel still had a good time. We tried to get Grandma Hoyt to show us how it was done but found out she did not milk the cows by hand they used machines.(That puts a new twist on the stories about getting up early to milk the cows.)
This horses's name was Honey and he is sixteen years old. He is used as a rehab horse for people with disabilities. He was so gentle and stood very, very still. I love his little hat.
Rachel loves to ride on the merry go round and had a wonderful time. She went once by herself and once with our friend Miss Bambi.
Michael said the only reason he goes to the fair is to eat fair food. Here he is enjoying a turkey leg It must have been really good with that face he is making.
Rachel went on this slide. Most of the time she has been on these it has been hard for her to get to the bottom because she doesn't slide very well. This time her eyes got as big as saucers as she came down. She slid clear off the end of the slide and would not go back down again.
For those of you not from South Carolina this is an Elephant Ear. I am sure I looked like I just fell off the turnip truck when I went up and asked what is the difference between an elephant ear and a funnel cake.  I was told that a funnel cake is make with waffle batter and an elephant ear is made with a sweeter batter. I also saw that chocolate, apple pie filling, cherry filling or many other toppings are put on elephant ears. We bought one of each and as a family had a taste test. It was about 3 to 2 for funnel cakes. Mom Hoyt liked them both.
Here Grandpa and Rachel are getting on the last ride for the evening. It was like a hang glider and just went in circles. Rachel kept her eyes closed most of the time. This is the same girl that has gone on the Ferris wheel with Aunt Lizzie and Uncle Mike. She never stops surprising me.


  1. That rooster has some amazing coloring... I have never seen it before... I have seen chickens with feathers on their feet and I would never get them... they would be a mess in all the GA clay we had.
    Cute little bunny!
    Great picture of Michael ~ he looks like he is REALLY enjoying that turkey leg.

  2. Great fun!
    We enjoy fair shows and food.

  3. It was a great evening, and brought back memories of the first summer of our marriage (1970) when we went to the Kosciusko County fair almost every day it was open. It was free back then, and there were many taste tests, so we even ate for free.

    The pictures are so good, too.