Friday, November 26, 2010

How Big Is Your God?

The other week in our staff devotion time at school one of the teachers shared this and I asked if I could share it with you.

     Jennifer was an inquisitive nine year old, who had been looking forward all day to her father's arrival at home from work. He usually sprang through the door, saying "Where's my girl?" She was accustomed to greeting him by taking a running leap into his waiting arms.
     She didn't know why but today was different. Instead of bursting through the door with open arms, he slipped quietly into the house and made his way to the family room, where he slumped in an overstuffed chair.
     Jennifer stood at the door for some time, looking into the darkened room. She had no idea why he was acting so differently, but she discerned that something was troubling him. After several minutes, she made her move, stole into the room unnoticed, and found her place, standing like a silent sentinel beside her father's chair. After waiting for a respectable period, she laid her small hand on his.
     He broke the silence, "Hi, Princess."
     Instead of responding verbally, Jennifer simply crawled up into his lap and gave him a big hug.
     "Daddy," she said"is it true that God brought Jesus back to life after He had been dead for three days?"
     " Yes, dear," he said. "That's right."
     It takes a big God to do something like that, doesn't it?" she said.
     "Yes, it does," he said.
     Jennifer looked her dad straight in the eye when she asked him, "How big is your God, Daddy?"
     In a moment, that Dad snapped out of his depression. He realized that the God who had raised Jesus was certainly big enough to help his family through their time of crisis.


  1. Wow! That one hit me right between the eyes! Thanks, Roz.