Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thanksgiving-Christmas All at One Time

So Sorry I am soo late getting these posted. It was a month of traveling during December. We made two trips to Maryland during the month. We had all of Philip's family together for Thanksgiving and Christmas on Thanksgiving weekend. This was so important to be together for a fun time. The last we were all together was at Mike's service. We had a great time.
Philip had wanted a WII fit board so that we could start exercising with our WII. He was glad to get this for part of his Christmas.

Rachel is starting to get into making cards like her Aunt Lizzie and she received lots of stamp pads, ideas and materials including this great tote in which to carry her stuff.
This was Rachel's and my big project this year. We made all the ladies aprons these are four out of the 10 we made. Rachel wanted to learn to sew and she picked this project. (Some of the others will be in a later post..)
Aunt Kathy and Aunt Lizzie wanted to get pedicures and decided to treat me. Rachel was treated to a manicure and most of us got signs of Christmas put on our nails. Rachel had small snowflakes on each thumb.

Rachel with two of her favorite aunts.
We celebrated Paul's birthday while he was here and he really wanted to see the Yorktown so we spent a cold day on the ship. It really was neat!

My own picture of the bridge at the top of my blog. It was really beautiful that day.


  1. Aprons! We did that a couple Christmases ago.
    Would like to know more about the Yorktown. If it were that important I would google the info. ;)

  2. i love the picture of us modeling our aprons