Saturday, January 29, 2011

Christmas Eve

I am so sorry it is taking forever to post these. It has been crazy here. These are  pictures from Christmas Eve. Tania trying on her apron.
Aunt Tania always makes sure Rachel gets new purses. This time it had a gift certificate for The Dollar Tree. Rachel loves to go there. I think she may use it for some spring stuff for her garden or outside playing.
Taylor opening her apron from Rachel. Note to self : We need to start Christmas presents earlier this year.
John, Taylor's boyfriend came along to celebrate with us. ( Don't worry by now he knows we are all crazy.)
Grandma, Tania and Taylor all trying on the aprons that Rachel made for them. Rachel was so excited to see them all wear them.

We saw more snow at Grandma and Grandpa Knepper's house. As you can tell it wasn't much but Rachel was still dieing to get out into it.

Rachel trying to make a snow ball or snowman but the snow was just to dry. We also got together at Aunt Rosalie and Uncle Dick's house to play some games on New Years Eve. We had a good time.

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  1. I always enjoy your pictures, Roz. And the captions add so much to them. Thanks.