Friday, November 5, 2010


We have wonderful neighbors who love to spend time with Rachel . Here Bonnie is helping Rachel paint a face on a pumpkin at a neighborhood party. We all had a great time.
Rachel dressed in her costume for Halloween and went to Grandpa's Wal-Mart. There was a cake walk, coloring contest and The best costume contest. Rachel beat two other girls for the best. She won a big chocolate chip cookie cake. (Just what we all need) She had fun.
Bonnie and Tim told Rachel they would help her carve a pumpkin for trick or treat night. I had never used pumpkin master kit. A great investment for four dollars. I am looking to buy one for next year!!! We all had fun! As you can see the dogs got in on the fun also.
When we were done I introduced Tim to eating roasted pumpkin seeds. I think he liked them.
Our finished pumpkin. We really liked doing this! Doesn't he look so happy?!
This is a picture of me on crazy hat,sock and tie day at school. I know I don't have socks on. You can't see my pig hat very well but we all had a good time that week at school. 


  1. I like your outfit and the happy pumpkin :)

  2. It sure is nice to be able to have neighbors that take an interest in your children. Some of our fondest memories of Argentina are of the neighbor who had children about the age of ours and who would come and ask if they could go to the park with her.