Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More Update Pictures

Rachel and her favorite Uncle Paul(She also has a favorite Uncle Michael and Uncle Mike and Uncle Big Tim and Uncle DD). Do you get the idea she has lots of favorite Uncles? This was at Lizzie's on Saturday when things started to quiet down a little.

Open House the night before school started. This is Rachel at her desk getting excited for school to start.

Rachel and Mrs. Benedict at Open House at school.

The first day of third grade. Doesn't she look so tall in this picture.  The lunch box she is holding is an early birthday present from our neighbors and their four dogs.

Rachel with her great Aunt Judy and Aunt Lizzie out for breakfast for the beginning of school. We try to go out the day before school starts but since school started on Friday we went the day after school started.

Rachel and Aunt Lizzie

We had some of Rachel's birthday early( August 30th) since Grandma and Aunt Lizzie were not going to be here for her real birthday. Rachel wanted a giant chocolate chip cookie  for her cake.

Rachel got American Girl books from Aunt Lizzie and Uncle Mike and the red box is full of card making supplies from Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Michael. She wants to make cards like Aunt Lizzie does.

Aunt Lizzie and Rachel making Grandparents Day cards.  Lizzie is helping Rachel know that less is more.  They both had fun. 

Rachel and I went to Chick-Fil- A the other day and she loves the cow now, she use to be afraid of even getting close to it.

Upper Picture:   Michael cooking us hamburgers and hot dogs over Labor Day. 
Lower Picture: Rachel at a place she likes to eat called Gilligan's Dockside, people can pull up in their boats, tie it up and eat.


  1. Love the picture of R and Uncle Paul!
    And funny one of Michael cooking under umbrella.

  2. More great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  3. You get some great pictures. Always something interesting that tells a story.