Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Anniversary Trip

I know this is late but I wanted to get school pictures posted. Philip took me away for our anniversary which was July 18th. We were celebrating our 19th year together. He told me we were going away but would not tell me where. He likes to surprise me. We ended up in Savannah, Ga. We went walking down along the river and saw these old buildings. We thought this was neat to see how old and worn this building looked.
We learned that these bridges were used for people to stand on and watch cotton shipments go underneath and then the buys could bid on the loads they wanted loaded onto their ship.
We drove past the Lady and Sons restaurant ( Paula Dean's) we did not go but we saw that the list was full. We are told the food is very good.
This is an old ice cream place called Leopold's  and is very famous we are they make all their own ice cream in store and it was very good!!!
Rachel had tried shoefly  pie up in PA when we were there and I had promised her I would buy her a whoopie pie and then I forgot. When we got home we decided to make our own and I think she enjoyed that more and way.

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