Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Alaska Part 1

I just noticed that I had gotten Alaska Part one ready but never posted it. What a goof up I am. Sorry this should have been the first post. I hope you still enjoy the pictures.

Here we are at our first dinner on the boat. It is always fun to see how each boat is laid out and find the places you want to go the first day.

One of many snow covered mountains we would see. This cruise we saw more land while on the boat then we have on any other cruise. I was amazed at how green everything was . I was told that is because the snow is beginning  to melt and of course that waters everything. I was told this is the best time of the year to go to Alaska.

Seeing nature was the best part of the cruise. Seeing the snow and the mountains.

This is one of many glaziers we saw from the boat. It was neat to see how blue they looked. I never heard what caused that.

I love this picture because it shows the size of some of the glaziers compared to the boat in the foreground.

Our ship in dock at Skagway, Alaska. This was our first stop.
We went on a train ride up into the mountains and then came down and did some mining for gold. This was an area were gold was found years ago. No one struck it rich. Lizzie and Rachel working hard to find their gold flakes.

I thought this was neat. It was used to keep the railways clear of snow. You would definitely need that in the winter. It was very pretty here but I wouldn't want to live here in the winter. Talk about cabin fever.

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