Friday, August 10, 2012

Vegas Trip

A few weeks after our cruise Aunt Kathy and Aunt Lizzie wanted Rachel to come visit in Las Vegas so Rachel and I flew out to visit for a week.
One place we always enjoy visiting is the Belligeo hotel. We love to see the flower gardens and the dancing water out front. The bees are made out of flowers. They were huge!

This frog was pretty cool. Lizzie said she thought of Mike because he did not like frogs. I forgot that at the time.The lady bugs had a sign saying that each one had over 400 carnations. I am glad I don't pay the bill to have all the creations made. 

Kathy took a picture of Rachel, Lizzie and I in the gardens.(Notice how tall Rachel is getting)
This was so cool. If you look at the little black dot on the screen, that is a man changing light bulbs. This made people stop and stare as he did his job. At times it looked like he was going to be eaten by the big clown fish that was on the screen. We later noticed a man across the street with a computer and telescope telling the guy changing the bulbs which ones needed to be changed.
The fourth of July was Lizzie's birthday so we went to the Stratosphere for lunch. This was cool because the dining room turns while you eat and you get to see Las Vegas from "The Top of the World".

I never thought I would be able to get use to few trees and little grass but this is what we saw each morning from Kathy and Paul's house. I may get use to this mountain area. They are pretty different times of the day.
Saturday we went out to breakfast and this is what Rachel's looked like. Afterwards we went and had pedicures. Rachel is showing me her  BRIGHT orange polish. ( I think it glowed in the dark). No not really but it was very bright!

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