Monday, February 15, 2010

365 photos week #7

Rachel's class went to the South Carolina Aquarium and Philip and I surprised her and went along.

This 25 year old turtle loved looking at Rachel. When Rachel stood up, she swam up, when she got down, the turtle swam down. She had so much fun watching and playing with her.

Rachel has started a tradition of making her Daddy a special Valentine's dinner. This year she even dressed in her Sunday clothes. She makes the menu and decorates the table. My job is to help her make the food. She tries to make most of the food heart shaped.  She loves to make him heart shaped Jello with whipped cream on top.

This is our house covered in snow. The first snow around here since 1989. This is the most snow Rachel has seen at one time. We ended up with 7 inches all together.

All Rachel wanted to do was make a snow angel. She had seen this on TV many times and pretended to make them many times on the floor in the house.

Rachel made a snowman for each of us. The far left is Daddy, Mommy in the middle and her on the far right.

A great day shopping at Publix. I got several things for free. Two boxes of sweetner, nail clippers, and nail files. I love finding good deals.

This weekend we went to Myrtle Beach. Saturday we were up in time to watch the sunrise from our room.

Rachel loves bugs so her Daddy and I got her chocolate hearts that look like bugs.

We got a chance to visit with Aunt Judy. Philip was back at the hotel sick so he was unable to join us.

We went to Broadway By the Beach on Monday morning and Rachel loved these dinosaurs. We mostly just walked around because most of the shops were not open. This is the off season so it was not busy at all.

Rachel and Daddy being funny.


  1. Fun week.
    Smiley Rachael is such a sweetie!

  2. Hey Roz, welcome to Blogland! :-)
    So glad you're doing Project 365 too. It's a wonderful way to document your year! Enjoyed seeing your photos (not just this week, but looking back to previous weeks too). How fun that Rachel likes to cook! I pretty much gave over the baking to Tina when she was about 9 or 10. Which was great as long as she lived with us :-) Trying to get back into a baking routine now that it's just us but I don't enjoy it as much as she did. Which might be a good thing in the end -- we won't ingest so many calors. LOL