Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spring Fever

The other week we had some 70 degree weather and I started to get spring fever so bad. I went in on Monday morning and asked my K-5ers if they knew what is spring fever. Here are some of their answers- when you stay home from school with Mommy, when you have a fever and your Mommy gives you medicine, when you have a fever and throw up. We have been calling Mom in Maryland to keep tabs on the snow and since they met Mom back in November sometimes I will call from class and let them say "Hi". We see the measurements of snow on a wall yardstick. The other day I read this in my devotions and thought about all the people who live North of us and how much snow they have had and "if I have spring fever how much more they have it." Here is some hope for spring-

If the world had known no winter and the time were always spring,
Would we watch the birds fly over; would we listen to them sing?
If our hearts had known no sorrow and our bodies known no pain,
Would there be the same rejoicing as when lives are whole again?
If the earth had seen no storm clouds or perhaps there were no night,
Would the sunshine of the morning fill our souls with such delight?
Life, seems, has need of contrasts and my heart with rapture thrills
When our dark days I remember every valley has two hills. By J.M.B.

The Bible reading with this was 1 John 5:1-15.

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