Saturday, February 6, 2010

365 photos week #6

Here are my pictures for this week in random order. Thursday my class went to see The Velveteen Rabbit Ballet. It was really cute. We had front row seats and I wish I knew how to turn the flash off to be able to get some pictures. Note to self : Read the book on how to do that for future pictures. After the ballet the children got to touch and talk to the people who played the different characters. This was a real fun field trip for all!

Rachel loves to cook and has talked some about becoming a Chef. This evening we were making Homemade Mac and Cheese (Weight Watchers), granola and Hot and Sour Soup. She put the dish towel on her shoulder and said she was Emeril. Someday we need to take her to one of his places to eat. Here she is cutting onions.

Here is our Mac and Cheese when it came out of the oven. Rachel said I needed to post this and tell how good it was!!! She liked it all but the bread crumbs and she knows Mac and Cheese. It is something we will make again. We just will not put bread crumbs on it or at least not so many. This was a great Weight Watchers recipe.

I decided to participate in the 28 Day Organizing Challenge and I choose to organize our garage. I read about this at These are my before pictures after already putting up the hanging piece from the ceiling so we will see how this looks after the challenge. It can't look any worse.


  1. You will have to share the Mac and Cheese recipe...
    Can't wait to see how your garage turns out... Little by little Mike and I are going through our house and getting rid of things... I think that makes a big difference... it is amazing how much stuff we can collect over the years...
    It feels so good to be cleaning things out... hope you enjoy it too!

  2. Love that picture of Rachel cutting onions. I am glad she loves cooking. She is growing up so quick!
    Definitely share the recipe of the mac and cheese!
    Miss you guys... :(